Proper Installation Method for a Shower Base and Repair Solutions for a Leaking Shower Base

By | 8 August 2017

The entire concept behind a 1 piece bathe stall isn’t any joints, no leaks, proper? Mistaken! The place there may be water, it should leak!

As soon as once more we see that improper set up strategies could cause a water leaking drawback. There are a pair elements that enter into and contribute to leaking, let’s focus on them.

The cheaper bathe bases are thinner and have a tendency to flex whenever you transfer round on the bathe ground and because the drain in these models is definitely a friction match system which permits for some motion water can seep by this space and trigger an issue.

The friction match is definitely a good suggestion as a result of there’ll at all times be a distinct fee of motion between the bathe base, the structural ground, and the drain piping. The drain pipe for the bathe is normally a 1 ½” or 2″ PVC pipe that slips by a rubber sleeve hooked up to the underside of the bathe base.

The issue on this case is that the ground of the bathe unit really flexes due to the shortage of help from the underside.

The correct technique for putting in the bathe pan is to position it in a “mattress” of mortar or comparable appearing product that may successfully cradle it and hold it from shifting. My favourite product to do that is spray foam for a pair causes. It creates the “mattress” however it additionally deadens the sound and additional acts as an insulator in order to not conduct chilly by to the bottom itself.

You should dry match the bathe base first to ensure every part traces up. When you set it within the foam you will not get it again up.

To determine the thickness of the “mattress” it’s good to lay the bathe base the other way up on carpet or another comfortable floor as to not scratch it. Place a straight edge or degree throughout the underside and measure all the way down to the ground of the unit. Add about ¾” to that measurement to get the thickness of the mattress it’s good to put down.

When you’ve got accomplished your dry match you’re prepared to put your “mattress” down and lay your base into it. Merely spray the froth down on the ground and when it’s constructed as much as the specified peak and protection (typically 50% of the whole space) lay the bottom into it. Press firmly, however don’t step into it or push down aggressively or you’ll trigger a spot to kind between the bottom and the “mattress” as soon as the strain is launched. Go away it sit for the beneficial drying time on the “mattress” product you’ve got used and you’re good to go.

OK advantageous John, however mine is already put in; what can I do now to maintain it from leaking?

Here’s a answer that has labored previously to unravel the issue. Take away the drain gate, normally snaps out and in, though there could also be a screw holding it in place. Clear the realm across the joint between the fiberglass base and the rubber gasket. Chances are you’ll want to make use of a putty knife. Then wipe it clear with nail polish remover, or different degreaser kind of cleaner. Watch out when utilizing some merchandise as they’ll discolor fiberglass or PVC.

Now utilizing a flashlight, look into the drain, not too far down you will notice the precise drain pipe itself. Greater than doubtless it should appear to be a white ring about three/16″ thick. Proceed wanting rigorously to the skin of this ring and you may see the rubber sleeve simply to the skin of it. Clear the highest fringe of the pipe and the sleeve proper above it.

Utilizing some 100% silicone, I like to recommend GE model, run a bead across the high fringe of the pipe onto the sleeve and one other bead on the highest the place the gasket meets the bottom. Moisten your finger with a bit of water and clean out the bead, not an excessive amount of, simply be certain that it’s sealed all the way in which round and that you’ve left it about 1/eight” thick. Pure silicone will stay versatile when it dries, which can enable for the slight motion that may trigger leaks. Let it dry for the beneficial time and snap the drain in and you’re good to go.

One thing else you are able to do you probably have entry to the underside of the ground underneath the bathe, you may drill a number of straw measurement holes underneath the bottom, be very cautious you do not drill by the bottom, and utilizing a twig foam product, place some foam underneath the bathe base. Don’t stroll on or use the bathe till the froth has utterly set, of your work can have been for nothing.

These restore strategies will resolve your drawback and offer you a few years of a dry lavatory.


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