Digestive System of the Starfish

By | 11 June 2017

The mouth of the starfish is discovered on the underneath facet of the starfish creature. Meals enters the mouth and into the primary abdomen. Then it’s handed onto the secondary abdomen after which into the numerous digestive glands which might be positioned inside every of the arms of the starfish. These digestive glands secrete enzymes and soak up the a lot wanted vitamins from meals. A small gut runs from the secondary abdomen to the exterior port (the place the starfish disposes waste) which is positioned within the central higher a part of the physique.

Many species of starfish are in a position to eat their prey entire and start digesting it earlier than sending it to the digestive glands within the arms of the starfish. Different species are literally in a position to put the primary abdomen exterior of its physique (nearly like it’s turned inside out) the place it could possibly eat meals and start the digestion course of; it then passes the meals to the secondary abdomen, which at all times stays inside.

Utilizing its water vascular system, the starfish is ready to evert its abdomen into clams and mussels; forcing them open so the starfish can eat the animal contained in the shell. The starfish is then in a position to eat these animals and begin digesting with out shifting its place! The it could possibly pull its abdomen again inside and start digestion! This course of permits the starfish to eat animals which might be a lot too giant to suit into the starfish’s tiny mouth. Among the animals it eats are clams, mollusks, small fish and oysters. In addition they eat algae to complement their eating regimen. Some starfish can dwell for weeks with out consuming meals; it’s believed that they can soak up vitamins from the ocean water.

An ideal illustration of starfish will be discovered within the beautiful silver starfish necklace, which makes an amazing accent to any outfit!


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