Beauty Therapy Level 2 – Exam Question Examples

By | 17 June 2017

A Magnificence Remedy degree 2 certification provides a scholar a superb understanding of the kind of work that’s concerned with being a Magnificence Therapist. With this qualification it is possible for you to to work in a salon, a cruise ship, as a cellular therapist or work at home and there are numerous alternatives to advance on this thrilling business.

Having a big set of examination questions is crucial for any scholar finding out degree 2 Magnificence Remedy. The examination papers are typically divided into the next sections;

Pores and skin Therapies (this paper often consists of eye therapies additionally)

Manicure & Pedicure


Make Up

Most awarding our bodies give a number of selection questions because the format for his or her examination papers. With a number of selection you get one query with 4 potential solutions and it’s essential to select just one. Some examples embody;

01. How is melanin produced;

a) By cells known as Melanocytes – Reply

b) Throughout the strategy of desquamation

c) Within the sweat glands of the dermis

d) By cells known as Histiocytes

02. Why would you apply talc to the pores and skin earlier than waxing;

a) To assuage the pores and skin

b) To carry the hairs away from the pores and skin – Reply

c) To make it much less painful

d) To chill the pores and skin

03. What’s the perform of the eponychium;

a) To provide new cells

b) To guard the matrix from an infection – Reply

c) To guard from grasp nails and ingrowing nails

d) To carry the nail plate in place

04. Which of the next is a contraindication to eye make up;

a) Conjunctivitis – Reply

b) Dry pores and skin

c) Milia

d) Ephelides

If you find yourself revising on your degree 2 Magnificence Remedy exams use pattern inquiries to consistently take a look at your self. Spend a few days studying one space after which give your self an examination on the finish to check how robust you’re on that space. Repeat this on all areas and you can be amazed at how shortly your confidence grows.


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