Apply The Ancient Art Of Feng Shui For Good Wealth, Prosperity And Health

By | 9 June 2017

In feng shui research, the primary entrance is taken into account the mouth the place exterior qi enters and flows to the remainder of the home. The going through, design, form and dimension of the entrance door is believed to have a major impression on the luck, wealth and the overall effectively being of the household.

Within the choice of the iron gate for the primary door, one ought to keep away from utilizing arrow or spear designs. Sharp buildings will create harmful power that brings well being issues to the household.

Based mostly on the precept of feng shui design, the dimensions and design of the entrance door should match the outlook and flooring space of your own home. Ideally, the primary door must also have an auspicious measurement as dictated by the feng shui ruler. For instance, a giant home with a small entrance will limit the influx of qi into the home, thus, affecting the luck and wealth of the occupants.

Predominant door ought to open right into a vibrant open space to ask yang qi (life drive) into the home. Predominant door that opens right into a wall will limit daylight and won’t present a easy passage for qi to enter the home.

Predominant door mustn’t kind a straight path with the again door. Qi that enters the home shall be funneled out by way of the again door with out having sufficient time to flow into round the home. A fast exit of qi will damage the funds of the occupants. They have a tendency to expertise issue in accumulating wealth or saving their earnings.

Keep away from cluttering the doorway of the home with obstructive objects (like previous newspapers, toys or massive cupboards). Pointless objects or furnishings will block the circulation of qi into the home, thus, affecting the luck of the occupants.

It’s inauspicious to see the bathroom door upon getting into the home. Dangerous vibes from the bathroom will rush in direction of the primary door inflicting poor well being and dangerous luck.


Residing Corridor

The lounge is each a leisure space and a spot for the household to entertain their company. Lounge ought to give a heat stress-free and welcoming feeling for one to tone down after a day’s work to learn papers or to look at tv. Good furnishings preparations, correct lighting and color scheme will improve the circulation of qi and create an inviting ambiance in the home. This in flip will carry forth a circulation of excellent fortunes and alternatives from mates, colleagues, bosses or enterprise associates.

It’s inauspicious to seat beneath the downward stress of the roof columns and to put the couch with out the help of a wall.

Cluttering the lounge with pointless furnishings or possessions (like toys, cupboards, previous newspaper and paperwork) will limit the circulation of qi.

Ideally, the sitting association of the couch ought to have the help of a strong wall and that one ought to have a transparent view of the primary door.

Adorning the home with vintage collectible figurines will improve the Yin qi of your own home. Vintage collectible figurines unearthed from historic websites have a tendency to hold the power of its earlier house owners and will appeal to spirits.

Keep away from inserting too many empty vases round the home. Empty vase is named kong ping in Chinese language, which seems like poverty.


Bed room

On a median, an individual spends about one third of their time resting in mattress. Because the bed room is a sanctuary the place one rejuvenate and nurtures the power of the physique, the placement and going through of the mattress will have an effect on the standard of sleep, which in flip impacts the well being and luck of those that sleep there.

Permitting just a little morning solar on the mattress will energise its qi which in flip promote good well being and relationship.

Keep away from bedrooms which have an irregular form. Lacking corners or pillars with sharp edges that are likely to create harmful power.

Mattress ought to at all times be positioned in opposition to a strong wall or use a headboard as a help.

Keep away from having too many open cabinets within the bed room. Open cabinets resemble the sting of a knife and ought to be lined up with doorways

Sleeping beneath a rotating ceiling fan or a pointed ceiling gentle tends to radiate damaging vibes that can have an effect on one’s well being.

Place your mattress rigorously as it’s inauspicious to miss the bathroom bowl. Foul odour and water vapour that’s speeding in direction of the course of the mattress would carry forth sick well being and dangerous luck.

One ought to keep away from sleeping beneath an uncovered beam or overhanging cupboards. The exertion of a downward stress on the pinnacle will trigger nightmares and complications.

Inserting sharp objects (like swords or scissors) beneath the mattress is a feng shui taboo, which can carry forth a collection of misfortunes.

Keep away from sleeping with the pinnacle according to the bed room door. The speeding qi from the door will disrupt your sleep inflicting restlessness.

The human physique is most susceptible when one is asleep. Sleeping subsequent to a full-length mirror will deflect the human qi. Within the night time, one might also be frightened by their very own reflection.

Keep away from inserting a tv set or pc within the bed room. Lengthy-term publicity to electromagnetic subject emitted by electrical home equipment is detrimental to 1’s well being.

Keep away from inserting the mattress straight behind bathroom, range and air con compressor, which can generate damaging power that will disrupt one’s sleep and well being.



In feng shui, the cooking range is a crucial space that governs the well being, funds and the bearing of offspring. As meals is often ready within the kitchen, the location and going through of the cooking range will straight impression the well being of the household. “Well being is wealth”.

It’s a Chinese language customized for the household to wish to the Range God in the course of the Chinese language Lunar New Yr season. Chinese language believed by making choices of candy sticky desserts to the Range God, he can be unable to talk about the wrongdoings of the household in heaven.

Inserting the cooking range with out the help of the wall will trigger its qi to disperse and going through the range straight reverse the faucet will lead to a conflict between the weather of water and hearth.

The cooking range shouldn’t be seen from the primary door or straight going through the bathroom signifying monetary losses.

For security motive, one ought to keep away from finding the washing basin in shut proximity to the cooking range. The conflicting components of each hearth and water are likely to trigger frequent quarrels and produce about monetary woes.

The kitchen range shouldn’t be erected beneath an overhead beam, which tends to have an effect on the well being of the feminine occupants.

It’s inauspicious to cut foodstuff or drop cooking utensils on the cooking range. At all times preserve the burners of the cooking range clear and in working order.


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