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Hyboria. It’s a land of affluent cities, nice wealth, enlightened tradition, with a king-sanctioned order of non secular freedom, the place no religion can be oppressed. But for all the dominion's vaunted glories and regardless of the actions of its widespread monarch, King Conan I, it’s a land the place tradition clashes and the chaos of unrest at all times threaten the populace.

In Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, enjoying an Aquilonian will guarantee a diversified and diversing gaming expertise. Touchdown someplace in the course of the Cimmerians and the Stygians on many various ranges, the Aquilonian is an ideal alternative for anybody desirous to role-play a personality that has not bought as many stereotypical options pinned to her or him as the opposite races typically have . It’s straightforward to attract parallels between the Aquilonians and the Romans, largely as a result of each persons are identified for his or her extremely cultured society the place construction is held in excessive regard.

Maybe that’s the reason it may be much more thrilling to take an Aquilonian and produce her or him into the extremes of life. It could be straightforward to role-play a battle-savvy Cimmerian or a crafty Stygian, however doing the identical with an Aquilonian might open up recent and interesting methods of shaping your character.

Aquilonians know now, simply as they at all times have, that their borders are both secure nor sealed. Battle with different nations scars Aquilonians historical past, with Pictish raids rising in quantity yr by yr and enmity between Aquilonians and Nemedians reaching again for a lot of a long time.

With the dominion comprised of so many conquered, submissive or allied nations, Aquilonians additionally anticipate a level of pressure inside their very own lands. Previously, pretenders to the throne Have raised armies and marched on the capital Tarantia, plunging the folks of the nation into intervals of civil battle. Whereas the nation is ostensibly peaceable, all Aquilonians have come to anticipate a level of bloodshed round their throne and over problems with sovereignty.

For all these epic troubles, the folks of the world's best kingdom are cultured and educated, extra so than every other nation can declare of its residents. Students are revered as a lot as troopers and slavery – the place it’s practiced – is nothing like as harsh because the servitude present in different nations. High quality of life is vital to the Aquilonians.

Aquilonian fighters are disciplined and difficult, typically extra soldier than warrior. The folks Worth martial ability and admire any who stand in opposition to the nation's many enemies, particularly the hated Picts. Aquilonians additionally worth free-thinking and independence, so those that could make a residing off the backs of their very own self-reliance typically gathers respect. Sorcery is shunned because the pursuit of evil males, however Mitran practices observe their very own magic and earn nice respect among the many populace for his or her perceived favor within the mild of the true god's grace.

Due to their toughness mixed with nice their self-discipline, Aquilonians make nice Troopers, and these can pursue the trail of the Guardian, the Darkish Templar or the Conqueror.

Whereas the Aquilonians can’t turn into Mages, a lot of them nonetheless chooses to faucet into the upper powers by following the way in which of the Priest to later turn into Monks of Mitra. Aquilonians are additionally identified to be nice Rogues, advancing into the roles of the Murderer, the Barbarian or the Ranger. Briefly, an Aquilonian offers you loads of selections as you progress by way of Hyboria. "-

The courses an Aquiloanian can play are :.
Soldier: Conquerer, Darkish Templar, Guardian.
Priest: Priest of Mitra.
Rogue: Murderer, Barbarian, Ranger

The Cimmeria "A shroud hangs over the folks of Cimmeria. Whereas one may assume it’s the pall of the darkish climate overhead, eternally threatening days and violent storms, the reality is that the Cimmerians reside beneath a shroud of impending doom. Hyborian Age enters its ultimate centuries, few folks really feel it as acutely because the northern barbarian clans. It’s a unconscious sensation-more a combination, ever-present melancholy than any true emotion. However it’s there, within the blood and bones of each Within the age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, gamers will discover that enjoying the Cimmerians is usually a very various expertise. "Their barbaric nature, their stout posture and their Willingness to cost right into a battle the place the chances are in opposition to them, ought to enchantment to these gamers who would resolve a dispute with the blade reasonably than with phrases. Nonetheless, Cimmerians are a folks with an attention-grabbing tradition that usually runs deeper th An the roots of mountains, and exploring this society as a participant will yield many surprises. They’re actually barbaric, however they’ve hearts-hearts that beat for the land that surrounds them and for his or her bloodline. Weaving an attention-grabbing story on your Cimmerian ought to pose no problem.

King Conan I of Aquilonia is Hyboria's most revered Cimmerian, though he isn’t a typical instance of his folks. He treasures life whereas his folks wrestle by way of and finish it. He burned with a curiosity to see the world's wonders, whereas his kinfolk even now keep inside the mountainous boundaries of their homeland and care nothing for what happens exterior their clan territories. Life is difficult in Cimmeria, and no better proof for this truth exists than the dour Cimmerians themselves.

The Cimmerians are a barbarous folks, with a tradition formed by their harsh and dreary land to the purpose the place foreigners look askance on the tribes of the north and surprise in the event that they ever snort or sing any songs past dismal dirges. To the world past Cimmeria, the barbarians of this chilly and rugged area are locked within the distress of inside wars between feuding tribes and surviving by way of the efforts of devoted hunters that present for every group. The Cimmerians reside hand to mouth in a hostile realm. It earns them the pity of the opposite nations, but it surely provides them a power no coaching can ever educate.

Whereas the Cimmerians acknowledge Crom as their god, they don’t worship him because the Aquilonians revere Mitra and the Stygians concern Set. Crom watches and broods from his mountain throne, however he cares nothing for the lives of mortals. The Cimmerians imagine that Crom provides them power at birth-the power they might want to meet the trials of life. After that, they’re on their very own, correctly.

The barbarians have little in the way in which of writing or book-learning, reasonably passing their lore verbally in hearth tales or whispered legends. They worth martial prowess over their enemies, bodily power, and the power to offer for oneself over all else. Whereas they’ve their seers and shamans, the supernatural holds terror for many barbarians, not any surprise or temptation ppeal. They delight themselves on working by way of life with their power, ability and crafty, and by no means counting on the arcane mysteries that blacken the souls of the lads in different nations.

It ought to come as no shock to you that the trail Cimmerians normally select in life includes weapons, blood and a whole lot of onerous work. As a participant you should have the choice of selecting between three of the 4 archetypes, particularly Rogues, Troopers and Monks. The trail of the Mage is closed to Cimmerians, however most of their folks have little curiosity in delving into the deep mysteries of magic, anyway. Those that do have an affinity for the otherworldly will reasonably dedicate their life to turning into a Priest and later be a part of the ranks of the Bear Shamans. Those that select to go the way in which of the Rogue might discover courses such because the Ranger and the Barbarian, whereas Troopers might Develop into Guardians, Conquerors or Darkish Templars. No matter your alternative, enjoying a Cimmerian can be a problem! "-

The courses a Cimmerian can play are :.
Soldier: Conquerer, Darkish Templar, Guardian.
Priest: Bear Shaman.
Rogue: Barbarian, Ranger

The Stygians "The Stygians are an historical, decadent folks, born of a tradition greater than fifteen hundred years older than any of their neighboring kingdoms to the north. Dominated by a ruthless theocracy devoted to the worship of the serpent-god Set, the Stygians Are masters of occult secrets and techniques and diabolic lore. The scholarship is famous and their mastery of the magical arts is the ultimate wherever within the identified world. In contrast to the Hyborian kingdoms the Stygians care little for what goes on past their borders; whereas the Aquilonians and the Nemedians measure their value in castles and glittering armies, the scholar-practices of Stygia care nothing for such trifles. They discovered way back that true energy lies in information and in pacts with darkish powers older than the cosmos itself.

Gamers in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures will discover that the Stygians is usually a pleasure to role-play. Their mysterious and magically aligned nature makes them good for individuals who wish to play an clever and sensible character who holds nice energy behind his or her darkish eyes, but they may additionally select to play the position of a Stygian rogue whose most important purpose is to seize The riches that may be discovered within the estates of these within the higher castes. The Stygians are a various individuals who observe many paths of life, and gamers will discover a wealth of alternatives in the event that they select to enter Hyboria as certainly one of them.

Stygian society is split into three inflexible heretitary castes: the the Aristocracy, the aristocracy or center caste, and the peasant caste. The noble caste is way diminished within the fashionable age.

In contrast to the decrease castes, whose blood has been more and more intermingled with Kothian, Shemite and Kushite inventory, the Stygian noble caste is tall and dark-haired, with honest, ivory-colored pores and skin.

They’re not often seen even within the largest Stygian cities, and are by no means identified to journey overseas, preferring to spend lives of indolence and contemplation of their lotus-perfumed estates.

The center caste combines the Stygian aristocracy, and is the true ruling energy of the realm. Tall however dusky-skinned, black-haired and hawk-nosed, the aristocracy offers the colleges and practices that run the dominion's many temples and preserve its fabled libraries. Beneath their heel lies the peasant caste, marked by their shorter stature, swarthier pores and skin and heavier construct. The aristocrats rule the peasant caste with an iron grip, steeping them in a tradition of absolute subservience and concern. The peasant caste exist to serve the aristocracy and to feed the appetites of their god Set, and even the merest trace of disobedience is sufficient to advantage an agonizing demise within the torture chambers of town temples.

Stygians as a folks favor crafty, intelligence and agility over brute power. Swords and axes are the hallmarks of a barbarian, not a civilized individual. For that reason, most Stygians discovered exterior the borders of their kingdom are sometimes students or seekers of data. This quest for information can are available many types, whether or not by way of the observe of sorcery, the examine of the physique and the therapeutic arts, or the stealthy observe of assassination or thievery. Every pursuit is equally legitimate in a Stygian's eyes, as a result of they require mind, training and self-discipline; Qualities they imagine to be missing within the lesser kingdoms of the age.

In Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, the affinity Stygians have for magic is especially evident. Their capacity to grasp this historical artwork has led them to turn into the one one of many three races who can specialize within the Mage archetype. Additionally, for Stygians who resolve to observe the archetype of the Priest, they maintain unique sway over the highly effective path of the Tempest of Set.

Stygian Mages can turn into Necromancers, Heralds of Xotli and Demonologists. For many who select to observe the methods of the Rogue or Priest, they’ll additionally turn into Assassins and Rangers.

Their supreme in magic has its value, nonetheless, as Stygians can by no means turn into Troopers. "-

The courses a Stygian can play are :.
Mage: Demonologist, Herald of Xotli, Necromancer.
Priest: Tempest of Set.
Rogue: Murderer, Ranger


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